Temporary Store (workshop)

This temporary showroom located in Clusone city centre is where we showcase our work and communicate our passion for our job. The main purpose of this space is to show the incredible versality of timber as a raw material that can be shaped into the most imaginative furniture sets and decorative finishes. Get ready to be amazed by our premium display of selected items which all have an aura of mystery as well as unique stories to tell.The main theme of our temporary showroom in Clusone is central to many of our projects, where we prioritise the use of reclaimed wood, for nothing is created nor destroyed and everything can be converted into something else.

Each single piece that is on display in our showroom tells a particular story, from cutting down centuries-old oak beams or revamping an old door from a derelict farmhouse, to creating personalised screenprints or cleaning dead trees that, thanks to our time-honoured craftsmanship, are given a new life.

Timber has the ability to be repurposed for new uses and into a range of timeless shapes that have a very tactile quality. It has a deep, captivating scent, and every one of our creations is informed by a combination of genuine enthusiasm and time-honoured expertise in the field of woodworking.