From floor to sky

Our woodworking artistry comes from Santa Lucia, a female Santa figure very popular in Northern Italy. It all started with a toy fretsaw that Rino, the founder of Semplicemente Legno, received as a child and which he used to build his first miniature houses. These were the first step of a process that saw him move from apprentice to craftsman and from carpenter to fully-fledged artisan.

New needs and old solutions

Over the years, our extensive experience in woodworking has enabled us to appreciate the timeless value of expertly crafted woodwork and to expand our range of bespoke services. Starting off with wood floor fitting, we are now offering a full range of indoor and outdoor construction services, which include wall panelling, staircases, doors, and home furnishings.

Every piece we make is a thing of beauty

To be a tradesperson does not just mean to engage in manual labour. Likewise, to be an artisan does not just mean putting a lot of mental effort into what you do. Here at Semplicemente Legno we pride ourselves on the fact that every single product is made unique and valuable by the details that make it stand out and by the finishing touches we put during the manufacturing and fitting processes.

Unity and professionalism

The secret to our high level of professionalism is a cohesive team with a varied background, where ideas, hands, and passions come together to make every project uniquely ours. Over time, our long-standing collaboration with architects and designers has created an eclectic mix of skills that enables us to provide you with a customised handcrafted solution to fit your needs.