Our ethos and core values can be likened to the parts of a tree trunk. From the core we source the energy and passion that motivate us in our daily work, while the bark represents our externally oriented part, which houses our identity and enables us to approach every project in the best possible way.


We progressed from apprentices to fully-fledged carpenters with an unswerving line: a love of raw materials. We are driven by a passion for manual work, the creativity of artisanal craftsmanship and the quality of the finished product. These values have grown with us over the course of many projects and are at the core of our business today.

The Neverending Story

We believe that giving new life to old timber be the best way of preserving our natural surroundings, our mountains and ultimately our planet. To our mind, the future is like a tree that has not been cut down, under which you can sit and read a book in springtime.

Quid pro quo: a reciprocal gift

Our craftmanship highly benefits from the beauty of our surroundings. Our local landscape welcomes us every day and we strive to reciprocate this gift by sponsoring a bunch of young and promising athletes who live locally, hence investing in the future of the community we are proud to be part of.

A shared vision for all our projects

Quality, dedication, and a passion for craft are the unifying threads of all our works. They permeate every aspect of the projects we work on, from accurately choosing the raw material through to carefully overseeing the installation process, enabling us to fully meet our customers’ needs and expectations.