Alpine ski lodge Alba

For this project, we have transformed a stock of reclaimed fir wood into a set of unique home decor items which become alive, creating a cosy and welcoming living space. The use of reclaimed wood to create floors, wall panels and furniture gives this property a total wood effect whereby each and every room is endowed with a distinctive atmosphere where the scent of nature blends with a sense of deep warmth.

A unique treasure trove in the heart of Val Seriana

As soon as you open the front door, which was made by treating reclaimed wood sourced from an old chicken coop, you feel like you are stepping into a new dimension: you will be plunged back in time, mesmerised by the charming stone walls. The bedroom is perched on the mezzanine floor, a warm and cosy nest that makes you appreciate the beauty of silence and where you can reconnect with the natural surroundings. The bathroom, too, has a mystical and relaxing vibe and is the perfect place to reconnect with your own self. The shower was made from what was once an olive-mill, while the stone sink was entirely handcrafted. Perfect in every detail, this is truly a gem of a chalet nestled in the mountains.